Black Smith Museum



backsmith1 See the recreated Blacksmiths Shop where horses would be shoed and carts repaired, with the tools of yester year.
Along with the Pub and the Village shop the heart of the village life.
backsmith2  Harness Room

Display of show and working harness bits also interesting horse gas mask. Feel the weight of the collars and understand how to steer a horse.

Horse Power Displays

In the horse power display you will find a variety of old farm implements. From ploughs and harrows to mangle crusher and chaff cutters.

We have replaced horse power with human power so the children and adults can push the horse gear and drive systems to operate chaff cutter and corn crusher.

Cart Shed

Display of Horse drawn vehicles, including Rag and Bone Cart, Norfolk Cart, Hitch Cart and Wagonette Gigs etc