Farm Yard Animals



Feed the farm yard animals each day at 11.30 am
Come and meet the farm yard animals, In the pens and paddocks.

farmyard1Kune-Kune Pigs
Our Kune-Kune Pigs are called Martha, Leon, Rosie and Cynthia.
They came to us from Stapehill Abby when they closed down their farm yard.
Kune-Kune Pigs originate from New Zealand they are very friendly and enjoy being fed by the visitors.



The Donkeys are called Josh, Yo-Yo, Jack and Jenny.

They are very friendly and adore meeting our visitors.




We have a Duck pond and our ducks roam free. We have Cherry Valley, Muskovy and Ayelsbury ducks. You may purchase feed from our gift shop to feed them.




farmyard4Pygmy Goats
Our Pygmy Goats are called Heather, Bramble, Willow and Laurel.

You are able to hand feed the goats with feed purchased from the shop.
















Inuit Snow Dogs.
The inuits we have here at the park are Shadow, Tinka, Nakota and Spirit, they are all very friendly and love to meet people. They live in an enclosure whilst the park is open and run free when it is closed.
Inuits originate from Canada and were bred from sledge-type dogs.
They are stunning and have fantastic temperaments. They do make great pets but are quite high maintenance.

tilly-imgThe Donkeys and Goats can Be Hand Fed






Rabbits and Guinea pigs, our pet handling sessions are throughout the day, We have lots of other animals too including Peacocks, a Bird Aviary Cows, Sheep and Chinchilla’s.

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