Not Just Heavy Horses


not-just-heavy-horseTo compliment the heavies there are also working horses and Shetland ponies

samonSamson – Grey New Forest pony
Who loves giving the children pony rides





Gypsy Cobs

Born: 1995
Breed: Gypsy Cob
Colour: Bay

The Gypsy cob was bred to be a wagon horse. These horses were bred by the Romany and pulled caravans (vardos) and were used as riding horses for children.

Today the Gypsy cob is no longer commonly used but it is still looked upon as a symbol of power and strength among the Romany. Members of the breed are usually of a pinto colouring and have many draft characteristics such as heavy bone and abundant feathering on the lower legs but can also be found in other colours. Joey had spent his early life pulling Gypsy wagons around Dorset and Wiltshire. Joey is now used in the Romany talk and for pony rides here at the centre. He is a lovely natured horse and we much appreciate his shorter height when harnessing him into the wagon!

lightningLightning 8 years old
Work on pony rides





Lightning 8 years old
Work on pony rides








Operates her feed trolley and childrens pony and trap rides

Alice Ryan and Tinkerbell can be found in the pony grooming area



apcheApache – rescued 2008

Apache is a coloured young stallion who was bought to the Centre by our local RSPCA in a very poor condition and considerably underweight. He had been abandoned in a field near Verwood. The RSPCA issued a section D9 to find his owners, but because of obvious reasons such

as possible prosecution nobody came forward and claimed him. He has settled down very quickly here at the Centre. Time is a great healer and with a lot of patience and a regular diet plan he is now on the road to recovery. Because we received no records we were unable to identify his age and breed. This winter he has grown a considerable amount and we hope break him in as he will make a great size riding horse.

aprilApril – rescued 2009

Was sadly abandoned in a field near Verwood in very poor condition. She came to us the last day of April of 2009. Therefore we named her April. At the moment she is doing very well and is loving all the attention.