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Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Heavy Horses

The faithful Heavy Horse built our roads, harvested our crops, supplied our railroads, fought our wars and carried us to our graves. They should be recognised as a national treasure, an indispensable part of our heritage and history. We believe we should take the best care of the few which remain with us today.

The Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park is run by a family passionate on the protection of the Heavy Horses. Their aim is to give visitors of all ages an insight into how we once relied on these majestic working animals and to plant a seed of interest into the minds of the young generation as the future of these horses lies in their hands. As well as delivering an educational experience the dedicated family wish to bring hours of enjoyment to visitors near and far.

Sadly this is now one of the last remaining Heavy Horse Centres left in Great Britain and is proud to be funded by its own efforts. The attraction is not charity funded but relies solely on visitors entrance fees to keep running. The farm is home to over 15 Heavy Horses many of which have been rescued being in need of a secure home. Amongst the Heavy Horses the farm also provides sanctuary to many other farmyard friends including, ponies, donkeys, alpacas, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, pigs, ferrets and aviary birds.

Help during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected people and businesses all around the world and our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered. We are determined to not let the virus see an end to our beloved attraction and to continue raising awareness of the rare breeds which played a vital role during our history.

The Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park is a seasonal attraction, entrance admissions during the open season have to cover the care of the horses and animals during the winter period when the park is closed. The sheer size of the heavy horses is reflected on the cost of their upkeep.

Although challenging, we have always been proud to operate independently; receiving no grants or charitable status but as COVID-19 struck, this meant we were forced to close the gates for a long period of time losing months of essential income. When we were allowed to open, we were only able to operate on a limited footfall due to social distancing measures all of which have put the farm in a vulnerable position.

The responsibility of providing feed and care for the heavy horses, ponies and animals rests completely on our shoulders. We have to be totally honest; we have always been reluctant to openly ask for help or promote donations when we are aware there are so many people, businesses and organisations in need of desperate support however many of you have reached out to us and suggested that we set up a donation page.

Due to facing such trying times we have made ways so those wishing to offer their support can. As a family, we are committed to surviving this pandemic despite it being the most difficult situation we have ever faced. Our belief is that it is our duty to continue to providing you with a place to learn and make memories whilst carrying out daily care to the horses and animals both now and in time to come.

We cannot thank you enough for your support during this unexpected difficult time and wish you all the keep safe and well.

Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Buddy
Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Uno

Become one of our Heavy Horse Heroes

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

How can I help?

We offer unique gifts that make fantastic presents and memories from your visit. All proceeds go to the farm park and help with the upkeep of our animals.

Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Heavy Horses

Become a Park Partner

Without ongoing support from our partners, the farm park could not continue to look after our heavy horses and work on the rare breed conservation we care so much about. The smallest amount really does make a big difference.

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Adopt a Heavy Horse

For the low price of just £39, you choose which of our heavy horses to adopt and we do the rest! Your adoption package includes a certificate, a Heavy Horse information pack, your horse's biography and a special memento.

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Buy Gift Vouchers

A unique gift for a special occasion, birthday or Christmas present, you can now purchase gift vouchers to visit the farm park. Gift vouchers are available in £5.00, £10.00 or £25.00 value and will be sent via First Class post.


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