Heavy Horses

Enjoy meeting our gentle giants and discover their important role in history

Every horse has a story to tell through engaging daily talks and demonstrations

Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Abbey Rose

Abbey Rose

Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Adam


Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - April


Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Buddy


Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Iona


Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Lightning


Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Lilly Rose

Lilly Rose

Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Luke


Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Orestes


Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Poppy


Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Rascal


Dorset Heavy Horse Farm Park - Sultan


“A path to happiness is paved with hooves...”

We wish to provide an insight into how man once relied on these powerful working animals and remember the millions of faithful horses which were lost during battle. It is of great importance that together we raise awareness of the rare breeds to help guarantee their existence in years to come.

Whilst working to welcome young horses into the world with our rare breed conservation programme, we also aim to plant a seed of interest into the minds of the young generation and encourage them to get involved. After all, the future of Heavy Horses lies in their hands.

We are funded by our own efforts – our award-winning visitor attraction is not charity funded but relies solely on the entrance admissions to keep going which must cover essential feed and care to the horses during the winter months when the park is closed. The sheer size of these horses is reflected in the cost of their upkeep which contributes to why few Heavy Horse sanctuaries are now in existence and are sadly rapidly declining.

Rescue work

We are home to over 20 horses (of various breeds) - many of which have been rescued. In some cases, the horse/animal undergoes a recovery programme which begins to pave a path for brighter pastures. We are responsible for the purchase, ongoing care and medical treatments. The farm also provides sanctuary to many other farmyard friends including donkeys, alpacas, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, ducks, pigs, ferrets and aviary birds. We hope you enjoy meeting, feeding and learning all about them!


Rated Excellent for 12 Years Running!

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